There was a time when I took pictures.

Not just pictures of my kids or of a particularly appetizing plate of sushi—but of the world around me. Wild landscapes and overlooked details. I viewed the moments of my life through the lens of a camera, and the act of capturing those moments on film somehow solidified them in memory as well.

Then I just sort of ... stopped.

I mean, I didn't quit snapping photos with my phone. The first few years of my kids' lives are certainly well-documented. I've got lots of "pics" from family gatherings and the occasional trip to somewhere picturesque. But I wasn't framing those memories creatively, purposefully. I was merely capturing them so they wouldn't be lost forever.

But I'm starting to take pictures again.

In this day and age, everyone's a photographer. I'm no different. There's no great artistry here. But I am being more purposeful about framing my memories—capturing them in a way that maybe only I can—and intentionally preserving the fleeting moments and mundane details of my life that would otherwise evaporate the minute I look away from them.